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How To Fix Facebook SSL Problems For Free in 5 Easy Steps Using Picasa

Image: Phaitoon /

As a savvy business person, you know your business can’t ignore social media. You’ve set up a Facebook page for your business, and you’ve even created a fantastic custom landing tab using a third party application like Static HTML to separate yourself from the competition. Next thing you know, the social media world is abuzz about Facebook SSL, and now your custom tab has stopped showing photos. You’ve got Facebook SSL problems. The good news is, there’s a free fix using Picasa.

Step 1
Download all of the photos you’re using for your custom landing tab from their original source. If that source doesn’t have an SSL certificate, then the reason Facebook isn’t showing the photos is because it now requires those photos be hosted on an SSL secure site.

Step 2
Get yourself a Picasa account. Picasa is a product of Google that stores and shares your photos for free – and it works with the Facebook SSL policy. If you have a Google account, you can simply add Picasa from the Picasa login screen.

Step 3
Upload your photos to your Picasa account. During this process, you can choose to set the album privacy level. For photos you want to make shareable, public is fine. For more privacy, you can make it accessible only to those with the direct link. You can also change the privacy settings later by following the instructions here.

Step 4
Navigate to each individual photo, right click to copy its link, and paste it to a plain text program like Notepad.

Step 5
Under the html view of your custom tab application for your page, copy and paste the code to a safe location (so you can copy and paste it back if there are any further issues). Find the html sources for the missing photos on your Facebook custom tab application, and paste the new links in place of the old sources. Most images are referred to using the html tags: <img src=””> You’ll want to change the link inside the quotes to the link that refers to your Picasa photo. Make sure the new links refer to the same photos as before. The difference is, they’re now hosted on an SSL secure server that complies with the Facebook SSL policy.

If you don’t know a thing about code, you might want to ask a professional to do this for you – but now you know to avoid those who are overcharging for this simple process. Also, if you’re concerned about copyright issues for the photos on your Facebook custom tab, or you don’t want people to share them with others (because maximum exposure is a bad thing?), you might want to host your images on a private SSL secure server. All your site needs is a standard SSL certificate to be compliant with the Facebook SSL policy.

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